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Hey Everyone!

I’m really excited to introduce you to my new youtube series called “In The Fix”.

It’s a very basic Tips and Tricks page for DJs which highlights D.I.Y. repairs and upgrades, software troubleshooting and even some mixing techniques I’ve picked up along the way.  The series is very interactive and the goal is to get viewers dictating what future episodes will cover by allowing them to converse through the comments section. I’m hoping to eventually include ssome tips and techniques from other DJs that I know in the industry.

Welcome to Episode 1: DJ Tips: Replace Crossfader on a Pioneer Dj Controller.

After a couple of years of use and abuse, the stock crossfader on my Pioneer DDJ-SX was defective and causing channel bleed when I was spinning. With the Professional Grade mixers and Controllers the action required to replace the crossfader is quite simple. The hardest part was the guys in the stock room at L&M trying to find it amongst all the deliveries that day. The part itself was around $40.00 and the time to replace it myself was about 10 minutes total. By doing the repair myself I saved at least $65 in labour fees at a repair shop.

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